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Hurdle Technique and Training Progression

Hurdle Training Progressions   Beginner Hurdle Step Patterns3 Step Hurdling8.00m or less between hurdles1.90m – 2.00m at takeoff before the hurdle.80m – .90m at touchdown after the hurdle1.90m average stride between hurdles (less stride length than sprinting)Set the hurdle distances to accomplish 3 step patternHurdle Height RecommedationsStart low and build up6 – 18″ for beginners 24…

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Long Jump Landing

Coaching Long Jump Landing Technique

Long Jump Landing Technique After the peak of the jump, the arms sweep forward and down to the hips. The feet are extended out until the jumper hits the sand. The knees and hips absorb the impact of the landing as the body continues to move forward. Then the legs straighten in front of the…

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Decathlon Training Thoughts

Free Track and Field Coaching App General Thoughts For Decathlon Coaches Best combined event athletes are fast and explosive Train to improve athletes that are fast and explosive Be on the same page with terminology as your athletes Focus on one to two technical skills during practice  Try different phrases and ideas to fix one…

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10 Hurdle Training Tips For Coaches

10 Hurdle Training Tips Coaching Hurdles Tip #1 Do not jump hurdles Coaching Hurdle Tip #2 Develop quick trail leg -long high path for trail leg knee Coaching Hurdles Tip #3 Teach takeoff close to hurdle -teaches vertical aspect of hurdling Coaching Hurdles Tip #4 Takeoff leg coaching – knee and thigh lead Learn more…

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Why Tempo Training For Runners

Tempo Training For Runners What is Tempo Training? Tempo training is also known as lactate threshold and anaerobic threshold training. Threshold pace is the effort level just below which the body’s ability to clear lactate, a by-product of carbohydrate metabolism, can no longer keep up with lactate production. Toby Tanser, author of Train Hard, Win…

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