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Distance Running Technique

Distance Running Technique Proper biomechanics for distance running is important maximize the body’s energy and help prevent injury. Teaching proper running form and making technical adjustments are critical factors in developing the highest level of performance. Keys to Proper Running Form Head Look straight ahead with the chin slightly down Keep face relaxed and loose…

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Coaching Team Success

Cross Country Team Success Areas often overlooked in coaching high school distance runners have nothing to do with workouts, drills or exercises. The most important intangible for high level success is “expectations.” No matter what the sport, the coaches who produce championship teams every year are those who truly “expect” their athletes to succeed. While…

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Strength Training For Distance Runners

Strength For Runners Why Strength Training For Distance Running? Injury prevention General strength Enhance mobility and flexibility Improve running technique Develop aerobic capacity with consideration of the anaerobic energy system. Transfer of Training Affect Improve running performance by specific training for distance running. For example, if improved performance in training does not positively reflect in…

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Distance Running Training Tips

Distance Running 10 Training Tips and Thoughts • The purpose of training is to prepare for competition: the goal of a competitive runner is to be prepared on race day. • Hard workout days should be challenging but attainable: achieve the workout goals, if the workout is too easy, rethink the next training session, not the current…

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Track and Field Plyometrics

Plyometric Training for Track and Field Athletes Many track and field athletes use plyometric training; it is commonly associated with jumping activities for all athletes. THE PURPOSE To improve speed, power, rhythm, event specific strength and endurance: depending on the exercises, recovery period and repetitions. THE SCIENCE Plyometrics work because the exercises improve the rate…

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