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Long Jump Drills and Tips

Long Jump Drills and Tips Coach Travis Geopfert University of Arkansas Pop Ups and Penultimate Drills Continuous pop-ups Most specific plyometric drill for long jumping. Easy jog into the penultimate set-up Many repetitions are very important. Penultimate set up off of ramp or box Forces athlete to put take-off foot down quickly. Penultimate set- up […]

High Jump Mechanics Video

Learn about the high jump with precise technical execution and the physics of the event. The video reviews high jump foot placement and how to use proper physics in the high jump. Learn high jump drive mechanics and high jump approach biomechanics with world class high jumper Stefan Holm. Just watch how high over his […]

Triple Jump Bounding Drills

Triple Jump Bounding Drills -Various combinations for triple jump training from Coach Travis Geopfert (University of Arkansas) Download This Video Series Now!  

Free Long Jump and Triple Jump Course

Free Long Jump and Triple Jump Crash Course Learn new techniques and training for the long jump and triple jump. Find out how to develop your jumps program in this incredible free 6 part email series. Email