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Triple Jump Bounding Drills

Triple Jump Bounding Drills -Various combinations for triple jump training from Coach Travis Geopfert (University of Arkansas) Download This Video Series Now!  

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Long Jump Approach Video

Download This Video Series

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Free Long Jump and Triple Jump Course

Free Long Jump and Triple Jump Crash Course Learn new techniques and training for the long jump and triple jump. Find out how to develop your jumps program in this incredible free 6 part email series. Email

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Triple Jump Basics

  Triple Jump Coaching Points Approach Use a simple start from a specific distance from the takeoff board Focus on smooth acceleration with proper mechanics Maintain good posture with little change in running mechanics before the takeoff Use a check mark system for consistent take off Generally, the triple jump approach is shorter than a…

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Track and Field Jumping Progression Pole Vault

Track and Field Jumping Progressions Pole Vault Pole Vault Basics Technical proficiency is the key to quality pole vaulting. There are many safety concerns with the pole vault, from pole selection to the location and size of the pit.  Proper teaching progressions and a safe environment will help eliminate many of the risk factors. Grip…

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