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Track and Field Jumping Progressions High Jump

High Jump Teaching Progression Approach The high jump approach starts with a straight ahead run followed by running on a curve into the takeoff The curve is the final five steps of the approach High jumpers use check marks for the start and for the start of the curve How to Triangulate The High Jump…

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Track and Field Jumping Progression Triple Jump

Teaching Progression For Jumping Events Triple Jump Basics The triple jump is a complex event with three different skills, hopping, bounding (stepping) and jumping into the sand. Jonathan Edwards was the first person over 18 meters (pictured) The first phase of the triple jump is the hop phase Hopping Start with easy hopping and progress…

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Track and Field Jumping Progression Long Jump

Teaching Progression For Jumping Events Teaching fundamental movements to prepare young athletes is the first step to long-term success for the jumping events. Long Jump Take Off Basics Start by walking down the track with three step pop ups barely getting the take off leg off the ground, then advance to pop ups with a…

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Arkansas Decathlon Training Ideas

ARKANSAS TRACK & FIELD Travis Geopfert (University of Arkansas) Decathlon Training Running: Train with the 400 meter runners Example Early Season- 8x300m 3:30 rest decreases 30s each rep. 54s total / 36s 200m pace Example Mid Season  – 1x500m 5min. 32pace-300m 1min. 28 pace-200m 6min. 26 pace-450m 28 pace Example Late Season – 3x3x150 3…

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Long Jump Coaching Video Youtube

Four elements of the long jump  Approach Take-off In-air technique Landing The video featuring Olympic Heptathlon Champion Jessica Ennis, shows all of the phases of the long jump technique Coaching Points The Approach Watch how she drives from the back of the runway on the first five steps and accelerates into a tall running position.…

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