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Long Jump Takeoff Coaching

The long jump takeoff video using the app Ubersense. The video from Coach Travis Geopfert reviews the coaching points of the long jump takeoff. Long jump technique drills for the takeoff can include short approach pop ups or repeated pop ups on the track focusing on lower the center of gravity and popping up into…

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Triple Jump Women

Video from the 2012 London Olympic Games of the women’s triple jump competition.

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Triple Jump Takeoff Success and Problems

Lowering the Center of Mass for the Triple Jump Takeoff Success and Problems Boo Schexnayder Reasons for Success It seems that this technique of lowering the body slightly once it has passed the takeoff foot crated the potential for greater success in several ways. 1. The lowering does permit greater horizontal displacement of the body…

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Triple Jump Takeoff

Triple Jump Takeoff Experiments and Responses Boo Schexnayder The History In my formative years of coaching, I became intrigued with the takeoff from the board in the triple jump. Drawing upon my coaching experience in this and other events, there were several factors I was convinced were important to success. Of course, I was sure…

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High Jump Youtube Video

High Jump Coaching

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