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Long Jump Technique

Teaching Long Jump Technique   Long Jump Approach Breakdown Start The approach should be a continuous build up of speed with proper mechanics. The final four strides set up the takeoff, with a solid long jump penultimate step and plant onto the board. Back of the runway When teaching long jump starts from the back…

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Long Jump Drills For The Approach

The Long Jump Drills For The Approach Long Jump Approach Preparation Preparing for the approach should take place on the track and not on the runway. After basic running technique is developed, a long jumper can learn how to move down the runway to prepare for the takeoff. The key is a consistent acceleration pattern…

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High Jump Technique

 High Jump Basics Running Do modified versions of sprint workouts (short distances) Use sprint drills with high jump technique Increase intensity of workouts over time Develop good sprint mechanics and technique Approach (High Jump Foot Placement) Blind 10 step approach (on the track) Have athlete run a straight line 10 step approach with maximum controllable…

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Long Jump Landing

Long Jump Technique  The Long Jump Landing Long Jump Landing  – Preparation Preparation for a good landing position starts at take-off with the body moving forward and up, this is called displacement. The displacement occurs on the take off, when the long jumper moves the body past the take off leg. In-Air Preparation During the…

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Strength Training For Speed and Power

Training Speed and Power Events Track Events: 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 110 m Hurdles, 100 m Hurdles, 400 m Hurdles Field Events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer Terms to Know For Speed and Power Strength – The ability of the neuromuscular system to produce force. (Sub-maximal, maximal and relative) Rate…

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