Sprint Acceleration Training Video

Usain Bolt’s coach Glen Mills believes in sprint training drills, “Athletes tend to reverse to their old habits when put under pressure or when running at maximum velocity. Like helping an actor learning a part, coaches have to continuously react and replay and redo the drills, getting the athlete to run over and over in order […]

Hurdle Technique and Training Progression

Hurdle Training Progressions


Beginner Hurdle Step Patterns
3 Step Hurdling
8.00m or less between hurdles
1.90m – 2.00m at takeoff before the hurdle
.80m – .90m at touchdown after the hurdle

10 Hurdle Training Tips For Coaches

10 Hurdle Training Tips


Coaching Hurdles Tip #1

  • Do not jump hurdles

Coaching Hurdle Tip #2

  • Develop quick trail leg

-long high path for trail leg knee

Coaching Hurdles Tip #3

  • Teach takeoff close to hurdle

-teaches vertical aspect of hurdling

Coaching Hurdles Tip #4

  • Takeoff leg coaching

- knee and thigh lead

Learn […]

Track and Field Warm Up Video Backward Skip with Coach

Warm Up Phases

Designing the start of a practice session for athletes includes warm up drills to prepare for the activities of the training session. The warm up is broken up into three phases.

Phase One- Low Intensity Exercises and Flexibility (4-6 minutes)

The start of the warm up is active with low intensity activities, such as arm […]

Sprints and Hurdles Videos


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This program has everything a sprint coach needs. Learn over 100 exercises for speed development with logical teaching progressions. Coach Joey Woody will detail his speed development program for his sprinters and hurdlers. The series includes dynamic warm up exercises, acceleration mechanics and maximum velocity training.

Joey […]