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High School Track and Field Sprint Relay Training

Sprint Training High School Relays John Raffensperger Iowa City School, Iowa City, Iowa 10 STATE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 56 Individual/Relay Champions GENERAL PHILOSOPHY Our philosophy is that we can beat most teams in the 4 x 100 by utilizing superior exchanges that have been honed to a fine edge.  This includes opponents with superior foot speed. …

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10 Hurdle Tips for Coaches

10 Coaching Tips For High Hurdle Training Develop a proper start without hurdles Improve technique over low hurdles or other soft barriers Start with the first hurdle closer than normal on block starts Use one step drills for recovery speed of the trail leg Practice both legs leading/trailing Develop race rhythm with the hurdles closer…

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Sprint Training For Max Velocity

Maximal velocity is the top-end speed the body can attain. After the acceleration phase or drive phase (the first part of the sprint race), the sprinter transitions to the max velocity phase of the race. 3 Key Point For Max Velocity Sprinting Neutral pelvic alignment (run tall) High heel recovery (bring the foot as high…

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How Usain Bolt Became Super Fast

Usain Bolt Training How To Became Super Fast Coach Glen Mills from Jamaica has helped not only Usain Bolt become the greatest sprinter ever, but has helped Jamaica gain the identity of the sprint capital of the world. Usain Bolt’s training plan included strength development, sprint technique and proper programming. When Usain Bolt started working…

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Off Season Speed Training

Off Season Speed Training Six Weeks To Speed The off-season is a perfect time to develop speed in athletes. Athletes can deemphasize event specific skills and focus on speed training that will benefit all sports that require speed and quickness. You want Usain Bolt training methods? Well, here are some great workouts to develop speed…

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