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Stationary Hurdle Drills

Stationary Hurdle Drills with Coach Joey Woody Coach Joey Woody coaches the sprints and hurdles at the University of Iowa. Named USTFCCA (United States Track and Field Cross Country Coaches Association) Coach of the Year and is one of the lead instructors for the USTFCCA coaching education program. Coach Woody has several hurdle drills plus…

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Hurdle Speed Workouts

Hurdle Speed Workouts Drills and Training Hurdle speed workouts- technique Wall drill (lead leg) Stand 4-5 ft. from wall with short box between athlete and wall. Drive lead leg forward and lean so you end up with the foot against the wall.  The box will not allow hurdler to straight leg his approach. Forces hurdler…

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Speed Workouts For Track and Field

Speed Workouts For Track and Field Using Race Pace Simulation To Develop Speed Speed workouts for track and field will include several factors for the coach and athlete. Everyone is looking for the magic workout or the one key to success in the top programs. Instead of outlining an entire program, Digital Track and Field…

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Track and Field Relay Training

High School Track and Field 4x100m Relay Training GENERAL PHILOSOPHY Our philosophy is that we can beat most teams in the 4 x 100 by utilizing superior exchanges that have been honed to a fine edge.  This includes opponents with superior foot speed.  In the 4 x 200 the exchanges will also make a difference…

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Track Workouts For Speed

Speed Training For Track and Field   Principles of Track Workouts For Speed Speed Development All runners need speed Great sprinters have 100-400 meter range Sprint fast in training to sprint fast in competition Training Elements Train to race and compete Train race tempo Train strength and power Train athlete abilities Train race specific speed…

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