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Warm Up Progression For Athletes

How to Warm Up For Sports Warm up organization Warm up design is important as training design.  Each warm up should have a theme and purpose to help develop bio-motor abilities; event specific needs and prepare for the training session. There are many reasons why a proper warm up for athletes is needed. Building endurance,…

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Usain Bolt and Speed Training

Usain Bolt and Speed Training Usain Bolt is seen as the fastest and greatest sprinter in Olympic history. How fast is Bolt compared to some of the best sprinters since the first Olympic Games in 1896? Olympic 100 meter Overview 1896, Thomas Burke won the Olympic Gold with 12.0, he would be almost 20 meters…

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Warm Up Exercises

Warm Up Drills For Athletes Why Warm Up Athletes need to warm up for specific activities in the training session. Warm up drills are designed to prepare the body for the training session and improve the athlete’s ability to perform at a high level. Proper warm up exercises will help develop the five bio-motor abilities as…

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Speed Training Tips

Speed Training Tips Boo Schexnayder (Team USA Olympic Coach) Most coaches would probably classify speed as the most critical of all athletic abilities. Yet in spite of this importance, in many programs speed abilities go largely undeveloped. This is often because of the faulty assumption that speed cannot be improved, or simply because so many…

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Hurdle Training 300-400 meter hurdles

 Hurdle Training John Raffensperger Iowa City School, Iowa City, Iowa 10 STATE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 56 Individual/Relay Champions 300m/400m Hurdle Training CONDITION Hurdle drills- Can set them up to alternate lead legs. 12 hurdles   11-12 meters 4-5 steps between FIRST CORNER-  A big key to the race is being relaxed in the 1st turn so spend a…

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