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Discus Throw Coaching Tips

Back of the Discus Circle WIND UP ▸ Weight balance ▸ Rotation of the shoulders ▸ Discus height ▸ Left leg drop and drive SINGLE SUPPORT (LEFT LEG) ▸ Left knee drop ▸ Right leg pick up and sweep ▸ Left arm inside the knee ▸ Discus height Drive to the Middle NO SUPPORT ▸…

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Video Spin Shot Put Stand Throw Review

Standing Throw: Teaching Progression Two handed chest pass: The athlete steps forward with the left leg and throws a light medicine ball. The thrower has the elbows out and the thumbs down for the chest pass throw. Next, the thrower can twist to the right and throw with more force from the right side. Crunch…

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javelin throw

Javelin Throw Sample Winter Training Day

Javelin Throw Training (Off-Season Sample) Warm Up: Active Dynamic Drills 2×30 meters each exercise Easy skips with arm circles Walking knee hugs Backward walking knee hugs Backward skipping with arm circles Jogging grapevine Dynamic build ups Two Arm Medicine Ball Throws: (1 kilo women – 2 kilo men)  1 step throw x10 each way 3 forward…

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Strength Training with Coach Cappos

Strength Training with Coach Scott Cappos   Download Complete Instructional Video Series

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Peak Training Shot Put and Discus

Shot Put Drills Discus Throw Drills Peak Training Learn shot put drills and discus throw discus and training for the peak of the season with this brief guide for coaches to follow at the end of the year. Shot Put and Discus Throw Warm Up Dynamic Warm Up 2x30m each Backward lunges High knee skips…

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