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Discus Throw Practice Plan Get Started

Discus Throw Practice Plan Get Started (Practices 1-5) Daily practice sessions include warm up exercises Sample Dynamic Warm Up 2x30m each exercise Tip: start with low velocity movements and build up to higher intensity exercises Walking quad stretch Walking hamstring stretch Walking side lunges Walking forward lunge with twist Jogging carioca Jogging high knee Jogging […]

Teaching The Hammer Throw Lesson 4

In the final lesson of the hammer throw, we will discuss the release and review drill progressions for the novice hammer thrower. In addition, release drills and hammer throw specific medicine ball throws will help the thrower better understand how the entire throw fits together, the video covers several hammer throw specific medicine ball throws. […]

Teaching The Hammer Throw Lesson 3

In lesson 2, the hammer thrower learned how to turn with the ball without winding. Today, we will cover the grip, winding and finally, winding and turning with the hammer. The Hammer Throw Grip The hammer thrower can use tape to cover the fingers for protection or the thrower can use a throwing glove, right […]

Teaching The Hammer Throw Lesson 2

Hammer Throw Lesson 2 In Hammer Throw Lesson 1, we learned about the basics of the hammer throw and how to turn in the circle. Now, we will discuss turning continuously with other implements and the hammer. Note:¬†Always make sure the hammer thrower turning area is clear and the environment is safe for drills. Hammer […]

Hammer Throw Lesson 1

Introduction The hammer throw is part of the long tradition of objects being hurled for distance going back thousands of years. The basic concept is similar to other modern track and field events, throw for distance within a given sector and remain within the confines of the throwing area. In the hammer throw, the circle […]