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Teaching The Hammer Throw Lesson 1

Introduction The hammer throw is part of the long tradition of objects being hurled for distance going back thousands of years. The basic concept is similar to other modern track and field events, throw for distance within a given sector and remain within the confines of the throwing area. In the hammer throw, the circle…

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Shot Put Video Analysis Stand Throw

Stand Throw Video Analysis (Left Side Block) Video analysis using Ubersense of the stand throw for the spin shot put. The focus of the video is on the left side blocking action during the throw. The stand throw starts with the weight shifting slightly to the left leg, the left arm opens up setting up…

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Glide Shot Put Standing Throw

Standing Throw The shot-putter sets up the upper body similar to the crunch drill with the left arm down. The left leg is lifted up 4-8 inches off the ground to simulate the right to left action in the throw. The delivery phase is the same as the full throw. The width of the base…

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Discus Throw Training Practice Plan

Discus Throw and Spin Shot Put Throwing Practice Progressions Author: Scott Cappos [hr] Discus Throw Session 1 Teaching Progression x10 each drill Start and winding Start to step out Start to step to the middle Start to step to the middle, turn to power position Start and turn to power position Medicine ball throws x5…

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Glide Shot Put Training Practice Plan

Throwing Practice Progressions Glide Shot Put *Unless noted the standard weight shot put  will be used in training -Light medicine balls and shot puts (1-3 pounds under standard weight) 6-8 pounds for high school girls and 8-10 pounds for high school boys The Start Use a basic start for all the drills in the glide progression,…

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