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Strength Training Videos

Strength Training Instructional Video Series Set Individual Strength Training Instructional Videos Get three full length instructional videos from Roger Nielsen, Scott Cappos and Damon Davis. Click below to learn more about each series.    

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Throwing Videos

Pick your coaching program or download all four instructional videos instantly plus get Strength Training with Scott Cappos as a free bonus if you order the complete set. Coach Scott Cappos with the help of several elite athletes shows you how to get big throws with technical precision and proper training drills for the shot…

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Glide Technique Style Differences

Of the top-level gliders in the world, most of the athletes are using the short-long style of throwing. Regardless of the style used, the coach and athlete must find what can work best of that individual. For more information about the glide shot put technique, check this article out

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Glide Shot Put Back of the Circle

This video details the start of the glide technique. The glide technique start can be a simple process for beginners.  First, make sure the body is in proper alignment at the back of the circle for the shot put glide technique. The glide technique is set up with the shoulders down with the left arm…

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Shot Put Spin and Glide Technique Comparison

Spin versus Glide Brief review The spin technique was first practiced in Europe in the 1950’s but did not receive much attention until the 1970’s. In 1975, Brian Oldfield threw a world best 75’0” and Aleksandr Baryshnikov of the Soviet Union won the bronze medal in the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. The positives and…

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