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Shot Put Spin Technique

    For beginning throwers, a wind up can cause problems with balance and consistency; therefore, a static start is recommended for novice throwers in the spin technique. Static Start The athlete should go into a slight squat straddling in the center of the ring at the rear of the circle, with the flat feet…

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Transfer of Training For Throwing Discus

Transfer of Training by Anatoly Bondarchuk Correlational Interrelationship Between Several Specialized-Preparatory, Specialized-Developmental Exercises and Exercises with Lighter and Heavier Implements With Results in the Discus Throw by Women Athletes Having Various Qualifications Exercise Sports Result, Coefficient of Correlation 40-45m 45-50m 50-55m 55-60m 65-70m 70-75m Throwing a 0.75kg disc 0.886 0.765 0.745 0.820 0.702 0.642 Throwing…

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Hammer Throw Safety

Hammer Throw Safety The hammer throw is part of the long tradition of objects being hurled for distance going back thousands of years. 1. SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE a.) Although all throwing events present the danger of serious or even fatal injury, the hammer throw is the single most dangerous event to officials and people…

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Women’s hammer throw

Interesting video on the hammer throw and how to handle circumstances with officials. Betty Heidler of Germany stayed focused and stepped up to win the bronze medal. The meet was the best competition in Olympic history for the women’s hammer throw. Coach Larry Judge, wrote an article on training the women’s hammer throw “TEACHING THE…

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10 Glide Shot Put Coaching Tips

Coaching cues for the glide shot put can be separated into two sections: the back of the circle and the power position/release. With this method, the athlete can have one cue before the throw and one cue during the throw. Overloading the athlete with too much information can result in poor performance. For most beginning…

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