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Glide Shot Put Technique Corrections

Glide Technique Errors and Corrections (Power Position to Release)  If the thrower can execute the back of the circle  with proficiency, other problems can occur in the middle of the circle. However, many of the technical problems in the middle of the circle are a result of an improper glide across the ring. If the back…

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Glide Shot Put Technique Errors and Corrections

Glide Shot Put Technique Errors and Corrections Errors and Corrections  For The Shot Put Glide Technique Start Throwing the shot put requires proper timing, speed and strength. The start of the glide if not executed properly can lead to several problems- Error- Excessive movement with the legs prior to unseating the hips at the back…

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Martin Bingisser Special Hammer Strength

This is a great video for special strength for the throwing events that can be used for the hammer throw or other throwers. Using general and specific exercises with rotational movements is highly recommended for all throwers in track and field. All of the throwing events in track and field require rotational movements from the…

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Hammer Throw Turns with Medicine Ball

by Scott Cappos The hammer throw is one of the more difficult technical events to learn. After the basic turning action is taught, turning and throwing medicine balls like a hammer is the first drill I use to teach multiple turns and releases. Since the winding action in the hammer throw takes time to perfect…

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Shot Put Early Season Training

Early Season Workout Design Glide Shot Put and Rotational Shot Put Technique  Shot put training programs are a combination of speed, strength and technique. Coaches need to address all of the bio-motor abilities and train event specific factors to get the bets results. Coaches develop training programs with the end result in mind, getting the best…

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