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Discus Stand Throw Analysis

Discus Stand Throw Video analysis of the stand throw in the discus Stand Throw Technique Discus technique training at the front of the circle will involve discus stand throws. During discus stand throws, the thrower should focus on keeping the bodyweight back over the right side as the right foot turns into a solid left…

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Javelin Throw Practice

Javelin Throw Practice  Training for the javelin is a combination of throws training similar to shot put and discus throwers with elements of sprint training. Javelin throwers need to train as speed and power athletes like throwers, jumpers and sprinters. In addition, javelin drills and skills should be a part of all training sessions. Coaches…

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Discus ball throws

Discus ball throws with heavy implement Discus throws performed with a heavy ball or barbell in the women’s discus throw. Teaching Progression with discus ball (with no reverse) Stand Throw (both sides) 1/2 Turn Throw Full Throw Sample Training Session with discus ball •Early Season College Women x6 stand throw (2.5 kilo ball) x6 half…

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Strength Exercises For Throwers

Strength Development For The Throwing Events Video of exercises used for the throwing events (shot put, discus and hammer throw). The videos shows a series of drills that can be used by throwers to develop strength and speed in the shot put, discus and hammer. From Scott Cappos (University of Iowa) in presentation at USTFCCCA National Coaches…

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5 Step Drill for the Javelin Thrower

5 Step Drill for the Javelin Thrower The walking 5 step drill in the javelin helps the javelin thrower work on proper footwork and javelin placement. The focus on the 5 step drill in the javelin throw is to hit a good power position with a solid left side block. The right knee is driven…

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