Strength Training with Coach Cappos

Strength Training with Coach Scott Cappos


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Sprint Acceleration Training Video

Usain Bolt’s coach Glen Mills believes in sprint training drills, “Athletes tend to reverse to their old habits when put under pressure or when running at maximum velocity. Like helping an actor learning a part, coaches have to continuously react and replay and redo the drills, getting the athlete to run over and over in order […]

Long Jump Drills Approach Video

Long jump drills for the approach can help train the athlete not foul and how to correct errors. Using a check mark system with your long jump drills will help develop the approach run.

Long Jump Drills Approach and Marks


Long Jump Drills: 12 Step Running Approach

Long jump drills for the approach […]

Peak Training Shot Put and Discus

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Shot Put Drills

Discus Throw Drills

Peak Training

Learn shot put drills and discus throw discus and training for the peak of the season with this brief guide for coaches to follow at the end […]

Hurdle Technique and Training Progression

Hurdle Training Progressions


Beginner Hurdle Step Patterns
3 Step Hurdling
8.00m or less between hurdles
1.90m – 2.00m at takeoff before the hurdle
.80m – .90m at touchdown after the hurdle