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Video Dynamic Warm Up with Medicine Ball


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Strength Training with Coach Cappos

Strength Training with Coach Scott Cappos   Download Complete Instructional Video Series

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Movement Based Strength Videos

Movement Based Strength Over 70 Exercises to Develop Strength and Speed Olympic lifting progressions Lower body training including squat variations Upper body exercises with pressing and pulling movements Simple teaching progression for plyometric training Torso training to develop stability and strength to hold proper positions Medicine ball throws for strength and speed training Learn how…

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Olympic Lifting Videos

Coach Nielsen details how to expand the program from the basics to more advanced lifting movements: novice lifters to elite level athletes can benefit from the techniques used in this video. The hour long video has demonstrations of over 40 exercises with two of the top lifters in the United States. Instant Access Download Learn…

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Strength Training Videos

Strength Training Instructional Video Series Set Individual Strength Training Instructional Videos Get three full length instructional videos from Roger Nielsen, Scott Cappos and Damon Davis. Click below to learn more about each series.    

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