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Strength Training Videos

Strength Training Instructional Video Series Set Individual Strength Training Instructional Videos Get three full length instructional videos from Roger Nielsen, Scott Cappos and Damon Davis. Click below to learn more about each series.    

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Sports Training Coaching

Step by step teaching progressions for the olympic lifts and specific technique  for squats, bench and other lifts. Simple rules and guidelines for forming your program, how to fit the strength training outside the weight room. Sports training exercises include warmup routines, static and dynamic flexibility routines, sprint drills and circuits are included. On Demand Streaming Videos…

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Proper Eating For Track and Field

Track and Field Nutrition Track and field athletes have various nutritional needs depending on the requirement of the specific training regimen. Nutritional Guidelines For All Athletes Eat every two-three hours Eat protein and complex carbohydrates Stay hydrated with water Post work out nutrition with 30 minutes Never skip a meal, always keep snack items with…

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Training Design For Athletes

The Basis of Training Program Design Everybody knows the old saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Conventional wisdom tells us that when we start a project, or a long road trip, we need to have a good plan in place to insure that we complete the task properly, or arrive at our destination…

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Track and Field Performance Testing

Testing For Track and Field Performance Performance trials are an important coaching tool in track and field.  Athletes can judge training progress and get an objective measure of where they stand.  The best way to test the athlete’s event readiness is to have performance trials. Track and field is a performance based sport. Performance trials…

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