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General Strength Training

Types of General Strength Exercises Boo Schexnayder USTFCCA Lead Instructor, Team USA Olympic Coach • Calisthenics are simple, gross body movements. Often these exercises involve body positions that create resistance or challenge ranges of motion. These exercises are typically arranged into circuits, with specified work and rest intervals. This type of work is commonly used…

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Bodyweight Exercises For Athletes

Bodyweight Exercises For Athletes Using General Strength in the Training Regimen Boo Schexnayder- USTFCCA Lead Instructor, Team USA Olympic Coach General Strength General strength uses exercises that develop strength, using the athlete’s bodyweight as the sole load or resistance. In general strength work no external loading is applied. General strength exercises can run the gamut…

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10 Rules For Sport Nutrition and Recovery

10 Rules for Sports Nutrition and Recovery Damon Davis, Auburn University: Strength and Conditioning Specialist 1. Get 8 hours of sleep EVERY night – it is not possible to “catch up” on sleep. Great things happen when you get a solid 8 hours of sleep each night such as release of hormones that aid in recovery…

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Track and Field Plyometrics

Plyometric Training for Track and Field Athletes Many track and field athletes use plyometric training; it is commonly associated with jumping activities for all athletes. THE PURPOSE To improve speed, power, rhythm, event specific strength and endurance: depending on the exercises, recovery period and repetitions. THE SCIENCE Plyometrics work because the exercises improve the rate…

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Active Rest

Active Rest versus Non-Training Every athlete needs an active rest period but NOT a total break from training. Active rest, which can involve other sports and alternative training, can be helpful in small doses with younger athletes and is a must with well-trained high-level track and field athletes. Here are some considerations to think about…

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