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Learn how to develop the approach, proper takeoff mechanics and landing for the long jump. Coaching videos on all phases of the long jump plus special bonuses.

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Long Jump Training Course

Now, you can learn his methods and training program with this exclusive coaching course produced by Digital Track and Field.

Coach Geopfert reviews the long jump and breaks down his coaching methods into distinct areas. First, proper runway mechanics and sprint training is reviewed. Next, takeoff drills are demonstrated using boxes to improve body alignment and jumping power. Finally, two in-air techniques and special landing exercises are shown to develop the best technique for the athletes jumping style.


Long Jump Training Course

Instructional Videos

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  • Approach Development
  • Runway Acceleration
  • Long Jump Take off Drills
  • Long Jump In-Air Technique
  • Basic Long Jump Technique
  • Advanced Hitch Kick Technique


Coach Travis Geopfert

2014 National Assistant Coach of The Year, Travis Geopfert coaches at the University of Arkansas and leads the Razorback field events. Travis is recognized as one of the best coaches in the United States. His athletes have won NCAA Championships, SEC Championships and had world-leading performances. Coach Geopfert is recognized across the globe as a world-class coach in long jump and triple jump, taking athletes to the Olympics and World Championships. Coach Geopfert has also coached on several international teams for the United States of America.

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