Sprints and Hurdles Coaching Series

Download over 100 drills to improve speed. The video series is divided into four sections: warm up drills, acceleration drills, maximum velocity drills and hurdle training. Over 2 hours of high quality videos to improve speed and power from Coach Joey Woody of Iowa.

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Sprint Training Course

Warm up exercises to properly prepare for the training day ahead Acceleration training to get the explosive starts needed in sprinting Develop the speed to finish strong with maximum velocity training Drills and exercises specifically designed to improve speed and explosive power to maximize athletic performance. Yes, sprinters will benefit from this coaching program but so will all types of athletes that need speed and explosion during a competition.

  • Dynamic Warm Up Drills
  • Active Stretching Routine
  • In Place Warm Ups Exercises
  • Squat and Lunge Series
  • Hip Mobility Drills
  • Explosive Jumping Exercises
  • Ground Based Warm Ups
  • Resistance Running
  • Plyometric Training
  • Starting Block Positioning
  • Extensive Skipping and Bounding Variations
  • Wickets and Line Drills

Hurdle Training Course

Learn how to develop proper hurdle technique with one of the top hurdlers in American history. Step by step instruction, from mobility exercises to driving out of the blocks into the hurdles, this series features over 30 hurdle drills to help improve technique in 100/110m hurdles.

  • Hurdle Mobility
  • Short Approach Hurdle Drills
  • Trail Leg Hurdle Drills
  • Lead Leg Hurdle Drills
  • Hurdle Mobility Series
  • Step Over Drills
  • Resistance Drills
  • Block Starts with Hurdles
  • Short Approach Drills
  • 1 Step -3 Step Drills
  • 5 Step Drills

Coach Joey Woody has led the sprints and hurdles at University of Iowa to 10 Big Ten Championships and 33 All-American honors recently. Coach Woody has been an instructor for USTFCCCA coaching education programs and has spoken at numerous clinics around the country.