Discus Throw Drills and Teaching Progression

  • Drill 1: Winding
  • Drill 2: Wind and step out
  • Drill 3: Wind, step out, step to the middle
  • Drill 4: Wind, step out, step to the middle, turn to power position

Non-throwing drills for the discus

The thrower practices the winding motion. The athlete needs to learn how to properly set up the start of the throw. This drill is works on the whole winding motion, not just winding again and again; it prepares the athlete for the next phase of the throw.

Wind and step-out
The athlete completes a wind and steps out with the right leg, tapping it on the ground at the 3 o’clock position.  The left side should point at 3 o’clock with the shoulders level, the left leg will support most of the body weight (90%+).

Wind, step-out, step to the middle
The thrower completes the previous drill, then step with the right foot to the middle of the circle.

Wind, step-out, step to the middle, turn to the power position
The discus thrower adds to the previous drill by turning the right foot is in the center of the circle and the athlete will complete the drill by finishing in the power position.

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