Explain the video options for me?

Our video membership provides 24/7 access to videos on any device with an internet connection and includes access to several videos at one time for a specific period.

The all access video membership includes different download options every month, including individual drills and coaching articles:

Downloads are event specific videos and files loaded to your hard drive and can be accessed only from the device the videos were downloaded on:

DVD’s are mailed out after an order has been placed, DVD’s are the most expensive method to get the instructional videos because of production cost and shipping:

What are on-line videos?

On-line videos are available with any device that has access to the Internet.

The system is similar to Netflix, with low monthly fees or yearly memberships.

 I know nothing about technology, are on-line videos easy to watch?

Yes, just pick a program to purchase, after your purchase, follow the simple email instructions, then start watching the videos.

With streaming videos, you just need to sign into your account at the top menu on the website. You will create an account during the checkout process. Then start watching your videos. EASY!

How do I download videos?

With downloads, the video files are sent to your email.

After your purchase, an email will be sent with the links to the files to download from Digital Track and Field. Each video series is in a zip file with event specific videos and articles.

With the membership options, downloads will be available to add to your coaching video analysis apps like Ubersense and Coach’s Eye.

What if I am having trouble downloading videos?

First check to make sure you have enough hard drive space for the videos. Make sure your internet connection is working properly, downloads will pause or stop with slow connections.

You can contact: scott@digitaltrackandfield to help you with other options to get your videos if you still have issues.

Can all videos be downloaded?

Most programs have a download or DVD option, however a few coaching series are exclusive on-line videos.

What about DVD’s

We do offer a limited selection of DVD’s for sale on the website. However, with changes in technology most coaches are either downloading videos or watching our programs via an internet connection.

Is this a big company?

Funny, no, we are 100% owned by the coaches with programs on the website. All of the coaches supply training information and input into the programs.



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