Favorite Speed Workouts For Track and Field

by John Raffensperger

Iowa City School, Iowa City, Iowa
Coach of 10 State Championship Teams
56 Individual/Relay State Champions

Former Coach of World Champion Joey Woody

Track and field programs are designed to prepare athletes for competition and develop the stamina needed to compete in multiple events in the same weekend. In the sprinting events,  athletes can run as many as six races in a weekend to help a team win.  Coach Raffensperger was a master of this art, winning 10 Iowa State Championships. The article by Coach “Raff” details his favorite track and field workouts that helped him be one of the most successful coaches in Iowa history.

M= minutes of recovery

4×55-75-100  walk  recovery   (Early)
4×100-200-300   3/4 speed      2M  (Early)
3×50-100-150   7/8  speed     1M   (Mid/Late)
3×150-100-55 &  10×75  on the grass

Interval Workouts
8×250 @ :39-:45   2M  (time adjusted according to ability)   (Early)
6×100 @  3/4 speed  1.5 M,  4×200 @  3/4   2M, 1×300 top effort   (Early)
1×300  @ :39-:45  3M,  4×150 @ :20  2M, 4×100 @ :12-:13  1.5M   (Mid)
5×100- rest 1M,  3×200- rest 2M, 1×300  top effort  (Mid)

Flying 50’s
Usually covers around 100 meters, start slow then burst for approximately 50 meters.  Stress relaxation and form.  Anywhere from 5-10 and usually part of longer workout.

Speed Trainer
Use indoor in bad weather and outdoors, especially early season if it is not too cold.  (Early/Mid)

track and field workoutsFull Speed Exchanges
Alternate between start of practice after good warm up, middle or at end ; when they are a little tired. Usually 3 times a week if possible.

Repeat 150’s
10×150 under  :25   2M  (Early)
5×150   3/4  speed,  8 Flying 50’s  (Mid)

Curve Running
10 x curve  @  3/4  speed-walk straight- don’t stop as you get to curve (Early)
4×100  on curve @  top speed,  3xFlying 50’s,  starts,  exchanges  (Late)

10×100  with 200  walk  interval  not  faster than  :12  (Late)
6 x Flying 50’s,  8×20  from blocks,  2×150  relaxed  (Late)