Glide Shot Put Technique

Errors and Corrections

Errors and Corrections  For The Shot Put Glide Technique Start
shot-put-throwThrowing the shot put requires proper timing, speed and strength.

The start of the glide if not executed properly can lead to several problems-

Error- Excessive movement with the legs prior to unseating the hips at the back of the circle

It is recommended to start with a simple start for beginners, with minimal movement before the hips begin to unseat.

Error- Starting too low with the upper body can lead to the upper body popping up as the glider moves across the circle.

Start with the shoulders rolled down and the mid-section and hips up. This will allow the shot to be lower at the start of the throw but not create extra stress on the lower body to stay down.

Error-The upper body opens up and turns, primarily because the left arm is pulling to help the thrower get into the power position.

Teach the thrower to have a long and loose left arm at the back of the circle: shaking the arm gently before the glide can help keep the upper body loose. This will help remind the thrower to use the legs to get across the ring and leave the upper body long and loose.

Error- Toe hopping across the ring, leading to popping up out of the back of the circle and landing flat footed in the power position.

Unseating then driving the left leg will teach proper timing for the glide. Performing the traditional A-drill with pulling the right foot into the power position is an excellent drill to help resolve the toe-hopping problem.

Error- left leg hooking across right leg to start the glide.

A simple start with the knees together will eliminate the excessive movement that can cause the left leg hooking behind the right side.

Pointing the left heel out away from the thrower when the left leg is brought into the right side in the back of the circle can also be helpful if the thrower needs extra momentum in the back of the ring.

Throwing the shot put with the glide technique is an unusual skill for beginners since the thrower faces the opposite direction of the toss.

Make sure young throwers can physically handle the demand of the shot put glide technique, learning how to throw the shot put can create problems with younger throwers without the proper strength, speed and coordination.

5 Shot Put Glide Technique Coaching Tips (back of the circle)

  • Use a simple start with the knees together
  • Unseat with the hips first, delay the left leg drive
  • Drive the left leg low and straight to the toe board
  • Keep the upper body long and loose, use the legs
  • Keep the shot put down and back as long as possible

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