In lesson 2, the hammer thrower learned how to turn with the ball without winding. Today, we will cover the grip, winding and finally, winding and turning with the hammer.

The Hammer Throw Grip

The hammer thrower can use tape to cover the fingers for protection or the thrower can use a throwing glove, right handed throwers use a left handed glove.

hammer-throw-taped-fingers hammer-throw-glove

The hammer is placed between the first and second ridge of the left hand.

hammer-throw-taped-with-handle hammer-throw-glove-handle

The fingers of the left hand curl in and the right hand is placed over the left hand.


Hammer Throw Winding

The hammer thrower sets up in back of the circle with both feet flat and the hammer behind the right foot with the left arm straight, the shoulders will twist slightly. The hammer is brought up and pushed toward 0 degrees, than the arms curl up and go over the right ear. Push-curl-reach are good cues for this winding action.

Coach Larry Judge uses the terms ‘Sweep-Curl-Form the Window-Twist’ when coaching at the USATF Level 2 schools. Coach Larry Judge uses the terms ‘Sweep-Curl-Form the Window-Twist’ when coaching at the USATF Level 2 schools.

“Sweep hammer across front, looking slightly right of the ball. Do not let hands pass the midline of body. As ball passes in front of body, curl left arm and form a window in front of the body. Legs are fairly rigid during winds with body weight shifting opposite the ball.”
Starting with the a golf club or hurdle board, teach the basic movement of the hammer winding action.
After the hammer thrower is comfortable winding, move on to the actual hammer.

Winding and Turning

Now, the hammer thrower is ready to wind and turn with the hammer. We start with two easy winds followed by 3-5 turns in a row.

The hammer thrower can wind and turn with a basic three turn throwing technique.

Our final hammer throwing lesson will include getting into the circle and throwing plus specific training for the hammer throw.

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