Hammer Throw Lesson 2

In Hammer Throw Lesson 1, we learned about the basics of the hammer throw and how to turn in the circle.

Now, we will discuss turning continuously with other implements and the hammer.

Note: Always make sure the hammer thrower turning area is clear and the environment is safe for drills.

Hammer Throw Teaching Sequence

Now the hammer thrower is ready to attempt multiple turns: turn to 180, step to 270, turn to 0 is  repeated until 3-4 turns are completed.

The hammer throw teaching progression for the 180 to 270 drill:

  • With a pause at 180
  • Slow continuous turns
  • Slow to 180 with a quick right foot to 270

The 180 to 270 to 0 drill is performed with a long implement, such as a hurdle board or golf club.

After the hammer thrower can turn multiple times continuously, we can start the process of turning with the hammer.

Hammer Throw Turning

When teaching the drills with the hammer, start with the hammer gripped with the left hand and fingers wrapped around the handle for safety. This is not a standard hammer grip, since the drills are completed outside the cage, the hammer must be gripped tighter.

Turns On The Ground

The hammer starts on the ground behind the thrower, the thrower pushes the ball to 0, then turns with the hammer on the ground until the ball and the thrower reach 180, then the hammer thrower picks up the right foot and plants 270 then turns with the ball, waiting for the ball to hit 0, then turns again.

Turns On The Ground and To The Air

After the hammer thrower can turn with the ball on the ground slowly with multiple turns, then after two turns on the ground, the thrower can raise the hammer up and turn with the ball in the air. Think of the two on the ground turns as the wind and the three hammer turns in the air as real turns with the hammer.

Coaching Points 

  • The hammer and the thrower stay together (especially from 0 to 180)
  • Gradually bring the hammer head up to the knees
  • Turn flat (no orbit) then slowly speed up each turn

In the next lesson, we will discuss the grip and winding the hammer.


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