John Raffensperger
Iowa City School, Iowa City, Iowa
56 Individual/Relay Champions

High Hurdle Training

Trail leg Drill – Start with 3 hurdles in early season and increase the number up to 5 or 6 as season progresses. Set hurdles at 4 meters. Start 3-4 strides before first hurdle, take 1 stride between hurdles.

Lead leg Drill – Same as trail leg drill. Don’t let hurdler drag the trail leg.

Balance Drill (Stanford Drill) – Set hurdles at 5 meters apart. Start with low hurdles then 36” and finally 39” (for men); 3 steps between hurdles run with arms parallel to track at all times. (extended arms force take off leg to provide all the thrust over the hurdle, force hurdler to lead with knee and keeps hurdler from twisting in hurdle clearance.)

Momentum Drill – (Early season) Start with low hurdles then intermediate hurdles. 4 meters between hurdles. Start 3-4 strides before 1st hurdle. Take 1 stride between hurdles. Idea is to accelerate and step over the hurdle as fast as possible getting fastest tempo at last hurdle. Run 4-5 hurdles in early season, work toward 10 hurdles at the end of the season. Drill is strength builder and forces lead knee to provide thrust-can also be used as trail leg drill.

Speed Drills – 8 meter drill over 4 hurdles to 6 or 7 hurdles. Set hurdles at 8 meters apart and 3 step 8 meter drill over full flight x 2-3 (late season) 8 meter drill up and down x 3-4 Set 5,6 or 7 hurdles at 8 meters going both ways. Leave lane between. No recovery between each trip up and back.

Speed Drills – 8 meter drill over last 4 hurdles x 3-4 (run full length of race)

1-3 5 sprint hurdle drill – use 7 sprint strides between hurdles Set #3 hurdle 3 feet closer to #1 and set #5 hurdle 8 ft closer to #1.

12 meter drill Over 4-6 hurdles. 5 step between (easy, easy ,fast, fast ,fast)

Starts over 3 hurdles. Make sure these are not always taken with trailing wind. Make sure hurdler runs 60-80 meters off 3rd Hurdle.

10 step to 1st Hurdle Drill – start 16.5 meters from first hurdle.(2.78m back of starting line) Purpose to increase velocity over Hurdle # 2-3-4 or more.

Condition Hurdles – 11-12 Hurdles. Set 11-12 meters apart-5 step 2-5 sets

5 meter drill – Set hurdles at 5 meters, use 3 steps. (Very good for lead leg)

Wall Drill (lead leg) – stand 4-5 ft from wall with short box between athlete and wall. Drive lead leg forward and lean so you end up with the foot against the wall. The box will not allow hurdler to straight leg his approach.

12”-15” Hurdle Drill- 10-15 reps every other practice all season.

Jamming Drill – Move Hurdles 1’ closer for each hurdle. Keep hurdle #1 at same place. Move #2 1’ closer, #3 2’ closer #4 3’ closer etc. Forces hurdler to get lead leg down and get better turn over. Also helps hurdler who has trouble getting 3 steps.

Up Backs – 5 hurdles in each direction- have hurdler do lead, trail and over the top with a 5 step. Rest 90 second then repeat x5.

Chase Drill – 3 hurdlers in blocks. One starts when he says GO and the others must chase and try to keep form- over 2 to 3 hurdles.

CUTTING DOWN DISTANCE BETWEEN -5 x 5 hurdles @ 8.5 meters 3 x 2 @ normal Helps get lead leg up quicker and helps when a tail wind pushes them closer to Hurdle in a meet.

LOWERING HURDLES -1 x 10 at 39” (rest 10 min.) 2 x 6 at 36” 2 x 3 @ 33” ( For speed development)
(Late season) – 1 x 10 @36” 1×10 @ 36 1 x 10 @ 36” (Rest 10 min between each. Also time each and record) (Good Monday workout)

To Gain Velocity – Start 16.5 meters from 1st hurdle 55m over hurdles and sprint the remaining distance ( Good recovery rest 10-12 min.)

Speed Between Drill – Use only hurdles #1,3,5 . 1st hurdle at regular spot,#3 set 4’ closer to 1st, #5 is 8’closer to 1st -builds speed between hurdles.

14 Hurdle Drill- Set 14 hurdles 8-10 meters apart. 3 step x4-5 times- walk back.

Endurance Drill – 8 hurdles at regulation height. Sprint 60 meters off #8 (Early Season)

Increase Speed/Stride- 6 hurdles- add 3 meters between 6 x 6 (Helps speed)

Trail Leg w/partner – Partner holds foot and knee and PUSH it thru to front of hurdle. (Helps strengthen hip muscles) Part of warm ups early season.

Partner Trail leg – Athlete leans against a wall with trail leg back. Partner gives resistance to trail leg pulling through then pushes knee all the way to the front.

Ladders – Sets of different hurdles- hurdles 1-3-5 or other hurdles

One Step Drill (Lead leg) – 6-8 hurdles approx 7-10’ apart- must bring lead foot down, take one stride, then take off over next hurdle. 5-7 times.

Good Monday Drill – (from blocks) 5 x 1 hurdle, 4 x 2, over 3 until a noticeable loss of form. End workout with fast 300m and time it .

Strength/Endurance/Concentration – 5 x 5 hurdles for time Walk right back and repeat. Finish with 3-5 x 150 sprint.

Sprint/No Hurdles- 10 x 110 on straight top speed. Walk full curve after typical hurdle warm up. Good warm down.

Sprint/No Hurdles – 5 x 150 on straight walk right back and repeat.

Sprint/No Hurdles – 2 x 50 high knee – 2 x 20 butt kicks,- 2 x 30 A-skip

Heel to butt as tight as possible
Drive with knee not foot
Don’t over emphasize snapdown (may cause trail leg to hit hurdle).

Reading your watch
Rotate thumb down to keep elbows outside of wrists.
Swim action as trail leg comes through (or) think pulling open a door.
Think leading with head ,shoulders or elbow, NOT arm.
Sitting arm action drills (isolate)

Keep elbow outside of wrist hand close to the body
Think hard upper cut, after trail leg passes

Pull thru to chest and into the direction of the run.
Heel to butt for faster rotation.
Pull trail leg KNEE toward next hurdle.
DON’T reach with the leg to the next hurdle – Think KNEE.
Do wall drills & Partner resister drills.
5yd apart and 3 step drills and 5 steppers over the side.

Never let the foot get ahead of the hips on the landing.
Push the toe on the accelerator.
Keep the chin on or over the knee, keep the forward LEAN
Think of a PAWING action on your way to the next hurdle.

SAMPLE 100/110M Hurdle Training

Starts over 3 hurdles, starts over 4 hurdles, starts over 5 hurdles, starts over 4 hurdles, starts over 3 hurdles. 3 to 4 minutes rest between each start.
5 sets x starts over 5 hurdles. 3 to 4 minutes rest between sets.
Up – Back – Ups with lead leg x 1 set; trail leg x 1 set; over the top x 3-4 sets. Only take 1 1/2 min. rest. Good conditioning work.
(early season) 4 sets x starts over first 5 hurdles, rest 30 sec., run 100 without hurdles. Take 5 to 7 minutes rest between sets.
Starts over 3 hurdles, starts over 5 hurdles, starts over 7 hurdles, starts over 4 hurdles. Take 5 to 8 minutes rest between each start.
Over the top x 5 hurdles (take 5 steps) rest 30 seconds, sprint a 60. Do 5 sets with 3-4 min. rest.
3 x 150 meters (90%), 3 x 40 meters. Full recovery (4-6 min. rest)
6 x 100 m. sprints. 4 x 60 m. sprints. Take 3 minutes rest between each repetition. No Hurdles.
Do the short sprinters workouts most of the time, with 2 good workouts a week over hurdles. Be creative with your own workouts and incorporate the hurdles into a long sprint workout. Short sprint means 100 and sometimes 200 meters.
110 hurdles workouts need to focus on a fast rhythm. It’s easy to get caught up in just your hurdling and staying in a comfortable rhythm. Your athletes need to learn to break through that comfort zone and be a sprinter.

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