Hurdle Speed Workouts

Drills and Training

Hurdle speed workouts- technique

Wall drill (lead leg)

Stand 4-5 ft. from wall with short box between athlete and wall. Drive lead leg forward and lean so you end up with the foot against the wall.  The box will not allow hurdler to straight leg his approach.

Forces hurdler to get lead leg down and get better turn over.  Also helps hurdler who has trouble getting 3 steps.

Helps get lead leg up quicker and helps when a tail wind pushes them closer to hurdle in a meet.

Trail leg w/partner push

Partner holds foot and knee and PUSH it thru to front of hurdle

Partner trail leg resistance

Athlete leans against a wall with trail leg back. Partner gives resistance to trail leg pulling through then pushes knee all the way to the front.

One step drill (lead leg)

6-8 hurdles approx.. 7-10’ apart- must bring lead foot down, take one stride, then take off over next hurdle – x5-8 sets


Hurdle speed workouts- endurance

5 step endurance hurdle drill

5 step drill over 12 hurdles

5 step drill  

Over 4-6 hurdles-  5 step between  (easy, easy ,fast, fast ,fast)

10 sets with 60-90 second recovery

14 hurdle drill

Set 14 hurdles 8-10 meters apart

3 step  x4-5  times- walk back


Sets of different hurdles- hurdles 1-3-5

10 sets with 60-90 second recovery


Hurdle speed workouts- to the first hurdle

Good Monday drill +300m

From blocks 5 x 1 hurdle,  4 x  2 hurdles, 4x 3 hurdles

1x 300m 90%+ (no hurdles)

 Jamming drill

Hurdle 1 at same distance- move #2  1’ closer, #3  2’ closer #4, etc.

Sprint 30+ meters then go over last 4 hurdles

Chase drill

3 hurdlers in blocks.  One starts when he says GO and the others must chase and try to  keep form- over  2 to 3 hurdles.

Speed between hurdles drill

Use only hurdles #1,3,5 .  1st hurdle at regular spot,#3 set 4’ closer to 1st, #5  is 8’closer to 1st -builds speed between hurdles

3 hurdles and start

Block start over 3 hurdles + 50 meter

Hurdle speed workouts- with multiple hurdles

Steps between hurdles





-coach can vary height and distances

3 step – 5 meter drill

Set hurdles at 5 meters, use 3 steps

10 step to first hurdle drill

Start 16.5 meters from first hurdle -(2.78m back of starting line)

Purpose to increase velocity over hurdles  # 2-3-4 or more

1-3 5 sprint  hurdle drill

Use 7 sprint strides between hurdles- set #3 hurdle 3 feet closer to #1 and set #5 hurdle 8 ft. closer to #1.

5 step drill  

Over 4-6 hurdles-  5 step between  (easy, easy ,fast, fast ,fast)

Last 4 hurdles

Sprint first section of the race and go over the last four hurdles

8 hurdle drill

8 hurdles at regulation height then sprint 60 meters off #8

Hurdle speed workouts- sample training sessions

  • Starts over 3 hurdles x3
  • Starts over 4 hurdles x3
  • Starts over 5 hurdles x3 (3 to 4 minutes rest between each start)
  • 5 sets x starts over 5 hurdles (3 to 4 minutes rest between each start)
  • Lead leg over hurdles x3
  • Trail leg over hurdles x3
  • Over the hurdles x6 (90 second recovery)
  • 4 sets x starts over first 5 hurdles (90 second recovery)
  • Starts over 3 hurdles x2
  • Starts over 5 hurdles x2
  • Starts over 7 hurdles x6 (3 to 4 minutes rest between each start)

Lowering hurdles (men)

1 x 10 hurdles at 39”,  2 x 6 at 36” 2 x 3 at 36”


1 x 10 hurdles at 39”  1×10 at 36”  4 x 6 at 36” (10 minute recovery)

Hurdle training and rhythm

High hurdlers need to focus on a fast rhythm.

It’s easy to get caught up in just your hurdling and staying in a comfortable rhythm.

Your athletes need to learn to break through that comfort zone and be a sprinter.


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