10 Hurdle Training Tips For Coaches

10 Hurdle Training Tips


Coaching Hurdles Tip #1

  • Do not jump hurdles

Coaching Hurdle Tip #2

  • Develop quick trail leg

-long high path for trail leg knee

Coaching Hurdles Tip #3

  • Teach takeoff close to hurdle

-teaches vertical aspect of hurdling

Coaching Hurdles Tip #4

  • Takeoff leg coaching

– knee and thigh lead

Learn more from Coach Gary Winkler on Hurdle Biomechanics (PDF link)

Coaching Hurdles Tip #5

  • Reduce spacing and height of hurdles

Coaching Hurdles Tip #6

  • Use coaching marks for takeoff

-time takeoff to touchdown

Coaching Hurdles Tip #7

  • 100m/110m Hurdles

Train high hurdle technique 25-50%
Train sprinting 50-75%

Train high hurdles like hurdlers and 100m sprinters

High hurdlers can run 4x100m and 200m

Coaching Hurdles Tip #8

  • 300-400m Hurdles

Train hurdles 25-40%
Train sprinting 60-75%

Train 300-400m hurdles like 200m sprinters

300-400m hurdlers can run 4x400m and 800m

Coaching Hurdles Tip #9

  • Train 3-6 hurdles for acceleration
  • Train long flights of hurdles for rhythm and confidence

Coaching Hurdles Tip #10

  • Hurdle Contrast Training

50% training with lower hurdlesContrast Options

  • Height of the hurdles
  • Spacing between hurdles
  • Number of hurdles
  • Steps between hurdles
  • Group start vs. individual start
  • Start variations (jog into, 3 point, blocks)

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