Javelin Throw Practice

 Training for the javelin is a combination of throws training similar to shot put and discus throwers with elements of sprint training. Javelin throwers need to train as speed and power athletes like throwers, jumpers and sprinters. In addition, javelin drills and skills should be a part of all training sessions.

Coaches like to know workouts and how the pieces of the puzzle of an overall training plan fit together.  Within the framework of the overall training plan, daily planning is one critical factor for success. Outlined is a typical training session for a javelin thrower during the mid-season which includes, warm ups, javelin throws, javelin drills with medicine balls and sprints.

Mid-Season Training Sample

(Javelin Throw Specific Training Day)

General Warm Up

Daily training in the javelin begins with a dynamic warm up, usually about 400 meters of activity. The warm up starts with low intensity flexibility movements, such as a walking quad stretch and advances to more explosive warm up exercises like power skips for height.

Javelin Stretching Warm Up

After the general warm up, the javelin throwers prepare for event specific training on throwing days. Extra flexibility exercises for the shoulders, elbow and torso can be completed with the javelin.

Circuit Warm Up

More dynamic explosive training can be used before the throwing session, such as medicine ball throws and plyometrics, here is an example warm up circuit for javelin throwers before throwing practice:

Throws-Jump Circuit (3 kilo shot women/ 5 kilo shot men)

Overhead shot put throws for distance x 10 throws

3 double leg hops in the sand x10

Front shot throws for distance x10 throws

3 backward double leg hops in the sand x10

Javelin Throws (800 gram men/600 gram women)

Javelin throwing begins with easy throws up and down the field, to progressively high intensity throws on the runway.

Javelin Throwing

Easy throws up and down the field 4 x 75-80 meters

Walking three step throw on grass x 8 throws

Dynamic three step throw with high right knee drive x 6

Dynamic five step throw with high right knee drive x12

Event Specific Javelin Drills with Medicine Ball

After the throwing session, event specific javelin throwing drills are used to develop specific strength for the javelin throwers.

Javelin Specific Throws (2 kilo women) (4 kilo men)

Kneeling two handed Javelin style throw x20

Arch and Throw (feet together) javelin style throw x20

Walking three step javelin throw x10

Sprint Training

Sprint training on the runway and on the track are important to develop the speed characteristics needed by the javelin thrower. Proper sprintmechanics are needed even with the javelin in the hand of the thrower.

Sprint Training For The Javelin Thrower

8 x full approach runs

8 x 30 meter sprints from 3 point start

4x 100 meter easy running (70% speed)


This type of training is considered higher intensity training, usually matched up with other high intensity training movements during the early and middle part of the season.

The javelin throw is a speed and power event with specialized skills, the training plan should enhance the qualities needed to throw far.

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