Javelin Throw Training (Off-Season Sample)

Warm Up: Active Dynamic Drills

2×30 meters each exercise

  • Easy skips with arm circles
  • Walking knee hugs
  • Backward walking knee hugs
  • Backward skipping with arm circles
  • Jogging grapevine
  • Dynamic build ups

Two Arm Medicine Ball Throws: (1 kilo women – 2 kilo men) 

  • 1 step throw x10 each way
  • 3 forward shuffles and throw x20
  • 5 forward shuffles and throw x20

Sled Pulls with javelin Withdrawn

5x30m each drill

  • Walking 45 degree turn with hips
  • Jogging with 45 degree with hips

Acceleration Running

  • 5x60m (start at 50% build up to 90%)

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