Learn how to develop the speed, technique and jumping power for your long jumpers and triple jumpers with Coach Schexnayder and Coach Lane. Solve your problems as a jumps coach. If you have trouble with inconsistent take off, fouling, poor technical execution in the landing or your athletes do not have the proper strength to execute big jumps.

ON DEMAND Long Jump and Triple Jump Series

Price: $47.00

Long Jump Series

  • Long Jump Approach Breakdown
  • Coaching cues
  • Coaching tips for the approach
  • How to use check marks
  • Technical points for novice jumpers
  • Advanced jumping styles
  • Landing mechanics

Triple Jump Series

  • Approach training
  • Breakdown of each jumping phase
  • Take off illustrations
  • Key positions reviewed
  • Corrections and errors information
  • Technical sections for all levels
  • Proper training for triple jumpers

Make sure you are telling your athletes the right technical cues and are focusing on the correct changes. Teach your jumpers how to manage the approach, achieve the proper take off and how to finish the jump properly.


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