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Coaches, our mission is to help your athletes be more successful.  We are committed to maximizing your time and energy as a coach . Digital Track and Field offers educational videos, training tips and refined techniques from elite coaches to help you gain a competitive edge.

Watch videos on your laptop, tablet and other mobile devices including your smart phone: view courses anytime - anywhere 24/7. You can start viewing all of our coaching courses instantly and coach with confidence.

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      Digital Track and Field Coaches

      Scott Cappos

      With over 25 years of coaching experience and over 100 NCAA Qualifiers, there is no doubt, Scott Cappos is one of the best coaches in the United States. Specializing in the throwing events, Coach Cappos has coached more 60’ shot-putters and 190’ discus throwers than any other coach in Big Ten history. His athletes tied or broke four Big Ten Records and won over 40 individual conference titles.

      Joey Woody

      University of Iowa sprints and hurdles coaching expert has coached 10 Big Ten Champions and 33 All-American honors recently. Coach Woody has been an instructor for USTFCCCA coaching education programs and has spoken at numerous clinics around the country.

      Charlie Kern

      Coach Kern has returned to coaching at York High School (Elmhurst, Illinois). His earlier coaching experience with legendary Coach Joe Newton at York High School produced 8 Illinois State Cross Country Championships, 19 All-State honors, 8 All-American relay teams and a National Championship. Charlie was a five-time All-SEC runner at the University of Kentucky.


      Travis Geopfert

      National Assistant Coach of The Year, Travis Geopfert coaches at the University of Tennessee in the jumping events. Coach Geopfert is recognized across the globe as a world-class coach in long jump and triple jump, taking athletes to the Olympics and World Championships. Coach Geopfert has also coached on several international teams for the United States of America.

      Boo Schexnayder

      Boo Schexnayder is well known around the world as one of the best coaches in track and field. He helped several athletes during international competitions including the Olympic Games, winning medals on the world stage multiple times. Coach Schexnayder also leads the coaching education for the United States Track and Field Cross Country Coaches Association.

      Damon Davis

      Damon Davis is a strength coach at Auburn University and has over 10 years of experience training professional and collegiate athletes; he is certified by CSCCA, USAW and NSCA. Coach Davis has worked with track and field, football, wrestling and basketball at the Big Ten level and SEC level, helping several athletes to pro careers.


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          Sprint Training with Joey Woody

          • Dynamic Warm Up Drills
          • Active Stretching Routine
          • In Place Warm Ups Exercises
          • Squat and Lunge Series
          • Hip Mobility Drills
          • Explosive Jumping Exercises
          • Ground Based Warm Ups
          • Resistance Running
          • Plyometric Training
          • Starting Block Positioning
          • Extensive Skipping and Bounding Variations
          • Wickets and Line Drills

          Hurdle Training with Joey Woody

          • Hurdle Mobility
          • Short Approach Hurdle Drills
          • Trail Leg Hurdle Drills
          • Lead Leg Hurdle Drills
          • Hurdle Mobility Series
          • Step Over Drills
          • Resistance Drills
          • Block Starts with Hurdles
          • Short Approach Drills
          • Step Drills

          Exercises For Runner with Charlie Kern

          • Stretching Exercises
          • Hurdle Mobility Series
          • Medicine Ball Exercises
          • Running Tips
          • Special Resistance Drills

          Movement Based Strength with Damon Davis

          • Olympic Lifting Progressions
          • Lower Body Exercises
          • Upper Body Exercises
          • Plyometric Teaching Progression
          • Torso Training
          • Medicine Ball Throws
          • Whiteboard Training Discussion

          Olympic Lifting with Roger Nielsen

          • Snatch – Seven Step Progression
          • Clean – Seven Step Progression
          • Overhead Teaching Progression
          • Assistance Movements
          • Errors and Corrections

          Strength Training with Scott Cappos

          • Dynamic Warm Up
          • Olympic Lifting
          • Power Training
          • Dumbbell Exercises
          • Torso Training

          Long Jump with Travis Geopfert

          • Approach Development
          • Runway Acceleration
          • Long Jump Take off Drills
          • Long Jump In-Air Technique
          • Basic Long Jump Technique
          • Advanced Hitch Kick Technique

          Triple Jump with Travis Geopfert

          • Triple Jump Approach
          • Triple Jump Bounding Drills
          • Plyometric Box Jump Training
          • Landing Drills
          • Triple Jump Technique Review
          • Jump Training and Planning

          Throwing with Scott Cappos

          • Learn Basic and Advanced Skills
          • Teaching Progressions
          • Technique Breakdown
          • Videos of Elite Throwers

          Shot Put and Discus Throw

          • Teaching Progressions for the Glide Shot Put
          • Teaching Progressions for the Spin Shot Put
          • Teaching Progressions for the Discus Throw
          • Throwing Progressions with Medicine Balls
          • Shot Put and Discus Throw- Release Drills
          • Shot Put and Discus Throw- Stand Throw Drills
          • Spin Shot Put and Discus Throw- Turning Drills
          • Glide Shot Put- Step by Step Drills

          Javelin Throw 

          • Step by Step Teaching Progression
          • Learn Basic Throwing Technique
          • Warm Up Drills
          • Grip Types
          • Throwing Motion Breakdown
          • Various Approach Throws and Drills
          • Javelin Running Drills
          • Power Position Drills
          • Overhead Throwing Series
          • Active Javelin Medicine Ball Throws
          • Videos of Elite Throwers

          Hammer Throw

          • Step by Step Teaching Progression
          • Learn Basic Turning Progression
          • Turning Drills
          • Medicine Ball Throws
          • Release Drills
          • Winding Progression
          • Event Specific Warm Up Exercises
          • Technique Breakdown
          • Proper Training Design


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