Movement Based Strength

Over 70 Exercises to Develop Strength and Speed

  • Olympic lifting progressions
  • Lower body training including squat variations
  • Upper body exercises with pressing and pulling movements
  • Simple teaching progression for plyometric training
  • Torso training to develop stability and strength to hold proper positions
  • Medicine ball throws for strength and speed training
  • Learn how to design strength training programs
  • Sequence your training to get maximum results

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Damon is a strength coach at Auburn University and has over 10 years of experience training professional and collegiate athletes; he is certified by CSCCA, USAW and NSCA.

Damon’s extensive video series will feature his movement based training program with teaching progressions for pressing and pulling exercises, as well as plyometrics, medicine ball training and proper olympic lifting techniques.

His training experience includes the sports of the track and field, baseball, basketball, softball, tennis and volleyball programs at the collegiate level plus working with the World Champion Chicago Bulls.

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