College Coaches Guide For The First Contact

The first impression in recruiting for college coaches is often times during the first permissible contact date with either a voice mail or phone conversation.

Many college coaches start the recruiting process not with a phone call but a voice mail, since most high school prospects are on vacation, working, at camp or busy speaking with other coaches.

If you have to leave a message we have three recommendations for college coaches when leaving a voice mail message:

  • Ask an interesting question to answer later when a connection is made.
  • Leave a short message with information and a unique detail about you or your program.
  • Ask for a call back and leave an alternate time you will call back.

This article has more strategies for leaving a voice mail to a prospective student athlete-

If the high school prospect misses the call because they are busy, make the message compelling and brief.

However, if you do reach the prospect, ask a few questions (avoid yes and no questions) and keep the call around 7-10 minutes.

After a brief introduction and how you found out about the prospect ask these questions with proper follow up information:

  • What type of program are you looking for?
  • Tell me about your academic interest?
  • What are your plans for the rest of the summer? (if initial contact is in July or August)

Let the prospect talk as much as possible, the more the prospect talks the better.

The only yes or no question to ask at this time is, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Thank them for their time and ask when they will be available next week to follow up because you want to learn more about them and see if you can meet their needs for the future.

It is also important to set up future conversations with a preview of what you would like to discuss next time.

If you have an email address of the prospect follow up the same day with an email with links to information on your program and academic areas.

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