Early Season Workout Design

Glide Shot Put and Rotational Shot Put Technique 


Shot put training programs are a combination of speed, strength and technique. Coaches need to address all of the bio-motor abilities and train event specific factors to get the bets results.

Coaches develop training programs with the end result in mind, getting the best throws at major championship events.

Practice starts with a dynamic warm up followed by a circuit. After the circuit, throwing specific exercises and drills are performed.

Early Season Training Sample

The focus of the first week of training is to establish a proper warm up, develop technical patterns and improve event specific speed.

Dynamic Warm Up (2x30m per exercises)

  • Easy forward skip with arm circles
  • Easy backward skip with backward arm circles
  • Straight leg jogging
  • Walking lunge with a twist
  • Backward lunges with a twist
  • Side slide
  • Carioca with high knees
  • Dynamic build ups

Circuit  (4 kilo medicine ball)

  • Kneeling chest pass x10
  • Hurdle hops (“24) x10
  • Kneeling hammer throw x10 each way
  • Side hurdle hops (“12) x10 each way
  • Vertical jump-vertical jump-forward throw for height x10
  • Jump-jump-forward throw and sprint x20m x5

Event Specific Routine (4 kilo medicine ball)

Medicine ball throws x10 each direction

  • Kneeling shot put crunch drill 1
  • Standing shot put crunch drill 1
  • Kneeling discus stand throw both sides

Throwing Rotational Shot Put Drills

Teaching Progression Review

  • Start and winding
  • Start to step out
  • Start to step to the middle
  • Start to step to the middle, turn to power position
  • Start and turn to power position

Rotational Shot Put Throws x10 each (with light medicine ball)

  • Step out, step to the middle, and turn to power position
    • stand throw (no reverse)
  • Step to the middle, turn to power position
    • stand throw (no reverse)
  • Slow turn to the power position
    • stand throw (no reverse)

Throwing (Glide Shot Put)

Glide Teaching Progression Review

Review technical model with drills for the back of the circle

Glide Shot Put x10 each (with light medicine ball)

  • Step across to power position
    • stand throw with no reverse
  • Slow step across glide with no reverse
  • Mini glide with no reverse


Shot put training programs at the start of the season are designed to develop basic skills with medicine ball throws and develop the proper technical patterns with drills for the glide and rotational shot put technique.

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