Triple Jump Coaching Points


  • Use a simple start from a specific distance from the takeoff board
  • Focus on smooth acceleration with proper mechanics
  • Maintain good posture with little change in running mechanics before the takeoff
  • Use a check mark system for consistent take off

Generally, the triple jump approach is shorter than a long jump approach

Take Off into Hop Phase

  • Keep the hips level during take off preparation (no penultimate stride)
  • The hop phase starts with a low take off angle off the board
  • Maintain max velocity  running mechanics until takeoff
  • Drive  horizontally or forward off the board

Hop Phase

  • Take off leg will be under the center of mass
  • The take off leg stays on the ground as the body moves forward

Free leg will swing up and forward, driving the top of the thigh parallel to the ground then placed slightly in front of body to prepare for the next phase

  • Single arm running type action is recommended for beginning jumpers
  • Keep the body in proper alignment by staying tall and keeping the eyes up
  • Let the ground come to the jumper, do not rush the foot to the ground

Bound Phase

  • Maintain a stable position with good posture
  • Land with the foot slightly in front of the body
  • The foot rolls from the heel to the toe after landing
  • Push forward and drive past the take off leg from the hop
  • As the jumper descends the foot prepares for contact with the ground

Jump Phase
The hang style is the most common technique used during the jump phase because the limited amount of time for in air technique

  • To control forward rotation, the free leg is straightened then brought back under the body
  • The take off leg moves under the body after the take off is complete
  •  The arms extend up until the jumper prepares for landing
  • The torso and upper body remain upright, keeping the back flat
  • At the peak of the jump phase, the arms are swept forward and the legs are extended
  • The legs, hips and bottom slide into the impact created by the feet during touchdown

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