Standing Throw: Teaching Progression

Two handed chest pass: The athlete steps forward with the left leg and throws a light medicine ball. The thrower has the elbows out and the thumbs down for the chest pass throw.

Next, the thrower can twist to the right and throw with more force from the right side.

Crunch drills
1. The thrower faces the front of the ring with feet forward, shoulder width apart and the knee slightly bent. The thrower places the shot into the neck and holds the left arm straight and toward the center of the throwing sector. The athlete then drops the right side of the upper body down so the right elbow below the hip. The athlete drives the right side up to complete the throwing drill; the throws are completed without a reverse.

2. The next progression the crunch drill the athlete places the left hand to the forehead.

3. The final progression n the crunch the shot-putter places the left arm down over the right knee to create some separation from the upper and lower body.

All the crunch drills can also be done with a medicine ball.

Stand throw
The shot-putter sets up the upper body similar to the crunch drill with the left arm down. The left leg is lifted up 4-8 inches off the ground to simulate the right to left action in the throw. The delivery phase is the same as the full throw.

The width of the base will depend on the type of technique used, here is more information on the spin shot put


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