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Shot Put Discus Variable Weights

Shot Put and Discus Training Throwing Variable Weight Implements Throwing heavy and light implements can help throwers develop particular needs such as speed and specific strength. Using lighter implements develops speed and specific strength is developed with heavier implements. The three methods below account for the percentage each implement is thrown during the practice session. …

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Coaching Plan

Successful Track and Field Planning Coaching Philosophy It all starts with the program philosophy- This is the coaching philosophy of one of the top college track and field coaches: Utilize experience, knowledge, values, beliefs, and judgment to help student-athletes achieve goals – academically, athletically, and personally. Blend the art and science of coaching and teach …

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Long Jump Drills

Long Jumps Drills Approach to Take Off Long Jump Approach Types Blind 5 step approach Do this off the runway.  Coach uses chalk to mark the 5th step.  (Only count contacts of take-off foot.  Step 1, step 2, step 3…etc.)  Consistent first 2 steps.  Good rhythm.  The athlete can not change the approach to adjust …

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General Strength Training

Types of General Strength Exercises Boo Schexnayder USTFCCA Lead Instructor, Team USA Olympic Coach • Calisthenics are simple, gross body movements. Often these exercises involve body positions that create resistance or challenge ranges of motion. These exercises are typically arranged into circuits, with specified work and rest intervals. This type of work is commonly used …

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Bodyweight Exercises For Athletes

Bodyweight Exercises For Athletes Using General Strength in the Training Regimen Boo Schexnayder- USTFCCA Lead Instructor, Team USA Olympic Coach General Strength General strength uses exercises that develop strength, using the athlete’s bodyweight as the sole load or resistance. In general strength work, no external loading is applied. General strength exercises can run the gamut …

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Distance Running Training Tips

10 Training Tips The purpose of training is to prepare for competition: the goal of a competitive runner is to be prepared on race day. Hard workout days should be challenging but attainable: achieve the workout goals, if the workout is too easy, rethink the next training session, not the current workout.  Control the workout …

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