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Track and Field Plyometrics

Plyometric Training THE PURPOSE To improve speed, power, rhythm, event specific strength, and endurance: depending on the exercises, recovery period, and repetitions. THE SCIENCE Plyometrics work because the exercises improve the rate of contraction by overloading the neuromuscular system. This is achieved by pre-stretching or shortening of the muscle fibers followed by a rapid dynamic …

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Active Rest

Active Rest versus Non-Training Every athlete needs an active rest period but NOT a total break from training. Active rest, which can involve other sports and alternative training, can be helpful in small doses with younger athletes and is a must with well-trained high-level track and field athletes. Here are some considerations to think about …

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Track and Field Coaching Tips

Athletes will have many technical problems, even at the elite level; the coach must pick one technical issue and work over and over to correct the issue. The coach should try several ways to explain the fault and various ways to correct the problems. WATCHING VIDEOVideo sessions can also help if the athlete knows what …

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