Javelin Coaching Points

Approach Use checkmarks Gradual build up in speed Javelin Withdrawn Accelerate Create separation Keep the javelin behind the thrower Keep the left arm up and across Final Three Strides Drive the right knee up and across Actively plant the left leg underneath the body Keep the javelin back Set up a long left arm for …

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Javelin Training Plan

Training ideas for the javelin throw by Scott Cappos Day 1: Javelin, Jumps and Sprints Javelin or Specific Throws x20 1-3 steps (javelin or single arm ball) x20 short approach (javelin or single arm ball) x10 long to full approach — or x30 2 arm MB 3-5 step throws Jumps and Sprints Standing triple jump …

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Transfer of Training in Sports

Exercise Transfer in Sports How movements transfer to athletic performance is part of the evaluation process in exercise selection. The goal of any program is to use exercises with a positive transfer of training. Exercises that relate to the athletic qualities needed for an event will have the highest transfer rate. Modern training programs emphasize …

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Discus Throw Drills

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