Coaching Education

Coaching integrates the principles that are based on teaching pedagogy, psychology, kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, plus other scientific and unscientific concepts, theories, and approaches to maximize athletic performance. 

Effective coaching involves developing motor abilities, cognitive abilities, and psychological abilities to build the total athlete. 

The science of coaching requires knowledge based on scientific facts and laws that are undeniable in the sports world. The art of coaching requires an understanding of the psychological and emotional development of athletes based on research, theories, and principles that relate to teaching motor abilities.

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Extensive Track and Field Course
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The Track and Field Extensive Coaching Course is a detailed curriculum covering all of the track and field events with teaching methods based on the art and science of coaching. Over 70 lessons on technique, training and successful strategies for all levels of track and field coaches; it includes ‘The Art and Science of Coaching Course’.

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