Decathlon Training Ideas

Decathlon Training

Running: Train with the 400 meter runners

Example Early Season- 8x300m 3:30 rest decreases 30s each rep. 54s total / 36s 200m pace

Example Mid Season  – 1x500m 5min. 32pace-300m 1min. 28 pace-200m 6min. 26 pace-450m 28 pace

Example Late Season – 3x3x150 3 min and 5 min. rest. 19,18,17


Jumping:  Teach the basics – focus on approach work

Example Early Season -Jumping off of boxes

Example Mid Season   -Short approach Jumps.  Full approaches without jumping

Example Late Season – Full approaches without jumping


Throwing: Teach the basics – focus on basic movements

Example Early Season- Medicine ball work.  Balance Drills

Example Mid Season  – Full throws with regular implements

Example Late Season – Full throw with light implements


Decathlon Training – Bring It All Together

Complimentary events: 

Long jump + Hurdles+ Pole vault

High jump + Javelin

100m + 110 Hurdles

Sequential events: 

100m + Long jump

Shot put + High Jump

110HH + Discus

Discus+ Pole Vault

Pole Vault + Javelin

Decathlon Training Concepts

One throw and one jump every-day for technical work

Work from heavy to light in throwing events

After every 3 wks of training have regression week

400m training will cover the speed work and speed strength for 400m plus endurance for 1500m depending on the design of the work

Keep stats and records within multi-event athletes