Long Jump and Triple Jump Videos

Long Jump Coaching Tips

  • Use only maximum controllable speed.
  • Train the full approach with check marks.
  • Ingraining good mechanics in the penultimate set-up is very important.
  • Maintain horizontal velocity.  Do not slow down at take-off.
  • Practice jumps are used for technique, not for distance.
  • Good technique will eventually create good distance.
  • Practice jumps off of a box into the high jump pit for easy landing.

Travis Geofpert is recognized as one of the best coaches in the United States in the field events, his athletes have won SEC Championships, National Championships and competed in the Olympic Games.

The long jump video includes proper runway mechanics; take off drills, in air technique and landing exercises. The triple jump video includes a teaching progression to develop proper mechanics with a series of plyometric exercises and a simple technique breakdown of the event. A great jumps series with teaching progressions to help coaches at all levels.

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