Olympic Lifting for Track and Field

Olympic lifting involves the entire body generating force from the ground up very similar to many of the track and field events. Force summation and firing order is an important part of proper timing and movement coordination in olympic lifting and track and field events. Athletes learn how to summon force quickly maximizing the rate of force development.

The best lifting exercises to achieve all types of power are the olympic lifts. 

The snatch, clean and jerk and assorted olympic lifting derivatives are the cornerstone of any speed and power event athlete’s strength program and but can also be used by distance runners to improve power during the anaerobic phases of an endurance race.

Exercises like the power clean, power snatch and other olympic lifting variations are best to increase both force and velocity because of the explosive nature of the movements. Variations such as high pulls or jump shrugs are equally beneficial for rate of force development without the precise technical components needed for complete olympic lifting movements. The dynamic summation of forces is very similar to many track and field events, this is one of the reasons why olympic lifting is critical to the training program.