7 Steps To Teaching Track and Field Skills

Track and Field Skills

Track and field coaching is about teaching athletic skills, technical skills, tactical skills and life skills.

When teaching skills to beginners the skill is first introduced with an overview of the skill and a demonstration of the skill.  Demonstration of track and field skills should be completed by an experienced athlete, the coach can focus on showing how the body moves during the skill and can make sure the athletes learning the new skill are engaged in the activity.

Stories about the skill, using real examples with backstories will help the athletes relate to the new skill.

Explain why learning skill is important.

In addition to talking about the new skill and demonstrating the skill, beginners can read about the new skill. Coaches can provide written materials and provide access to videos to help beginners learn a new skill.

Introduction of a new skill (one simple part)

  • Name the skill
  • Show the skill
  • Talk about the skill
  • Explain why the skill is important
  • Read about the skill
  • Watch experts performing the skill
  • Prepare to execute the skill

When teaching complex skills, the skill needs to be broken into parts using the same methods to introduce the skill. After part of the skill is completed successfully: parts of different skills can be brought together to execute a more complex skill.

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