Coaching Plan

Successful Track and Field Planning

Coaching Philosophy

It all starts with the program philosophy-

This is the coaching philosophy of one of the top college track and field coaches:

Utilize experience, knowledge, values, beliefs, and judgment to help student-athletes achieve goals – academically, athletically, and personally. Blend the art and science of coaching and teach the basics to the athletes. Plan, implement, and evaluate scientifically proven training methods, use goal setting, and have a plan of action for each student-athlete. Build solid relationships with the student-athletes based on respect and common goals. The ultimate objective is for the student-athlete to have a positive experience, and be prepared for success at the next level of life.

Coaches Practice Plan

Daily practice overview:

•Discuss practice objectives before every training session
•Encourage decision-making during practice
•Present acquirable skills during the session
•Look for do-able parts of the challenge
•Review objectives after the training session
•Preview for next training session


Athlete Planning

Overview of habits athletes can develop-

•Routines: Develop ritual based on logic-set up: have practice and competition routines
•Strategy: Plan for anything and everything
•Visualize: Feel the event/See the event (like a movie)
•Focus: One thought to no thoughts in during an attempt
•Composure Level: Relaxation vs. anxiety-optimum performance level
•Reflect: Achievements of the day and plan for next day

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring student-athletes is an important role. It is not just about great coaching drills and technique, coaches need to focus on establishing good habits during track and field practice and mental preparation.

Coaches and athletes need to work together to plan for every practice and competition.